Zusammen stärker, das Joint Venture zwischen Gastronomie un Landwirtschaft. Wir bevorzugen Bio-Produkte, die nachhaltig angebaut werden und nur von kleinen Unternehmen mit begrenzter Produktion stammen.

Food Therapy

Poggio San Felice is a feud with annex a farmhouse in the municipality of Giano Dell’Umbria, the structure was built in 1884 and from that year is bounded with agriculture and art. Poggio San Felice is already a synonym of excellence, as everyone can taste and feel through its products: Extra virgin olive oil, Biological truffles, white wine and red wine. The collaboration between Poggio San Felice and NEA PIZZA 1889 wants to represent a static point for the people that search for quality, tradition and excellence.

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