A window overlooking Naples

Authentic NEApolitan

Since 1889, Pizza is well know to almost everyone around the world, the goal of NEA 1889 is to provide a delicious Pizza using fine and original products, like “Fior d’Agerola”, tomatoes from “Piennolo” or from “San Marzano” and many other special regional products.

We’re in Berlin

Come to visit us for some Pizza + Amore 🙂

Open Hours

Tuesday – Friday
11:30 – 22:00

Saturday – Sunday
12:00 – 22:30


Chausseestraße 49
Berlin, 10115


030 2868 7691

Representing NEAPL in Berlin

The menu consists by a selection of pizzas among the more discerning and delicious ones, vegan and vegetarian variants of pizza are also available.

Bestsellers :

Queen Margherita
San Marzano tomaten D.O.P. – Fior d’Agerola D.O.P. – Basilikum – Parmesan – Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Calzone Napoletano
San Marzano Tomaten D.O.P. – Büffel ricotta D.O.P. – Fior d’Agerola D.O.P. – Salami – Parmesan – BasilikumBio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mille Veli Pistacchio
Italian dessert with pistacchio

But why NEA 1889 ?

“There is no doubt that the first ‘Pizzerie’ appeared in Naples where, until the middle of the twentieth century, this product was exclusive to the city. In the eighteenth century, the city already had several shops known as ‘pizzerias’. The King of Naples, Ferdinand of Bourbon, heard of their reputation and, in order to taste this dish in the typical NEApolitan tradition, breached court etiquette and visited one of the most renowned pizzerias. Since then the ‘pizzeria’ has become a fashionable location, a place devoted to the exclusive preparation of the ‘Pizza’. The ‘Pizza Margherita’ was presented to the eponymous Queen of Italy and to King Umberto I upon their visit to Naples in 1889 from ‘Pizzeria Brandi’, specifically on account of the colours of its seasoning (tomato, mozzarella and basil) which are reminiscent of the colours of the Italian flag”.

– Official Journal of the European Union, L 34/14, 5.2.2010